Terms and conditions

1. Previous

These dispositions define the general terms and conditions of the Contract for the Ryanaircompensation commercial property service, which is based on the legality in France.

2. Agreement

When the Customer signs the authorization document, the Customer automatically accepts these terms and conditions.

  • An agreement will only be established if Ryanaircompensation agrees to process the customer's claim. Ryanaircompensation has the right to waive handling of any complaint for any reason. In case of waiver, Ryanaircompensation will notify the customer.
  • By establishing an agreement with Ryanaircompensation, you ensure that you are authorized and have the legal capacity to establish the agreement.
  • You warrant that the claim has not been sold to a third party and that there is no pending or anticipated legal dispute between you and the Company on the same matter. Once the authorization document has been signed, the customer will not be able to hire third parties to continue the claim or assign the case to third parties. Any existing agreement or sale, if applicable, must be canceled before the entitlement form or authorization document is signed.
  • If you receive a direct payment or any other compensation from the affected airline after formalizing your authorization document, you must notify Ryanaircompensation immediately. Such payments are considered compensation for the flight accident. Once the transfer of rights form or authorization document has been signed, the customer will be obliged to cease any negotiation with the airline and direct any communication from the airline to Ryanaircompensation in order to achieve the best possible result.

The contract ends:

  • When compensation was accepted by Ryanaircompensation,it received payment from the airline from Ryanaircompensation and transferred to the customer after deducting the applicable fares.
  • When Ryanaircompensation states that it would make no sense to continue the complaint after analyzing the feasibility of the case and warns the customer that the complaint will not continue.

3. Description of the service

Ryanaircompensation will handle the extrajudicial and judicial claim in order to obtain financial compensation for the customer in accordance with the regulations applicable to the air transport of passengers and baggage.

Flight data and information must be sent to Ryanaircompensation via the website, email, telephone or other compatible electronic or software solutions. When you receive your request, Ryanaircompensation will verify the profitability of your claim.

In order to proceed successfully with the customer's claim, Ryanaircompensation requires the authorization document or the mandate signed by the customer, which can be sent through the website, email or postal service. Once the authorization is complete, Ryanaircompensation will file a complaint against the airline as soon as possible and will take care of the entire process.

In order to proceed successfully with the customer's claim, Ryanaircompensation requires the authorization document or the mandate signed by the customer, which can be sent through the website, email or postal service. Once the authorization is complete, Ryanaircompensation will file a complaint against the airline as soon as possible and will take care of the entire process. Ryanaircompensation will attempt to reach a satisfactory agreement for the customer based on their experience, but if within a reasonable period of time he does not receive a response from the airline or the airline's response is unsatisfactory, he will pass the file to one of his lawyers for legal action. If a legal representative is appointed to initiate legal action, the customer will allow Ryanaircompensation to grant access to all data provided to Ryanaircompensation and allow the legal representative to transfer information about the procedure to Ryanaircompensation. If additional documentation is required, such as delegation, affidavit, authorization, transfer of rights or any other court-relevant documentation, the customer agrees to sign and pay for such additional documentation. If the contracted legal representative concludes that there is little chance of success, the customer will be informed and Ryanaircompensation will not proceed to the claim. In the event that Ryanaircompensation or the contracted legal representative takes legal action to process the claim, Ryanaircompensation will cover all costs arising from such proceedingins in case of loss of litigation. If the dispute is won or an agreement is reached between the airline and Ryanaircompensation, Ryanaircompensation will charge the agreed fares.

The customer endorses Ryanaircompensation so that he can accept any proposal offered by the airline or its representatives. Therefore, the customer authorizes Ryanaircompensation to accept or reject any offer based on their experience.

4. Fee and commission

Ryanaircompensation will take care of the customer's claim for free. If Ryanaircompensation obtains compensation, you will pay, after deducting a commission of 25% of the amount obtained plus VAT. In addition, if the customer receives credit directly from the airline or the Court, it is feared to inform Ryanaircompensation and pay the agreed taxes. If the customer does not disclose the amount received and Ryanaircompensation has filed a claim that he has had to withdraw, the agreed commission will be charged. If the claim is cancelled on the basis of the client (express request, duplication of claims, not attendance of the hearing or negligence), Ryanaircompensation will pay Ryanaircompensation the amount of the services provided, worth 50 euros until the file is delivered to one of the lawyers and in the agreed committee for the filing of the application by the court. The legal process is considered to have begun from the time Ryanaircompensation filed the complaint on behalf of the customer. In most cases, there will be no need to hold a hearing, so there will be no charges from the prosecutor or notary. A hearing will only be required if the air carrier or judge requests a hearing. In this sense, the client undertakes to appear at the hearing and/or to grant power to lawsuits or "apud act". If, for any reason, the client is unable to participate, Ryanaircompensation may represent the client through the Attorney, with charges paid by the client. Such representation can be "apud act" (the client must go to court, at no additional charge) or for proxy, at a cost of 35 euros, VAT. The customer's unjustified inability to appear at the hearing entitles Ryanaircompensation to claim its taxes based on the amount requested. In the event of a judgment in which, in addition to the payment of the requested amount, the company is ordered to pay interest and procedural fees, the client assigns to Ryanaircompensation the decision to settle them and the credit generated in his favour. Conversely, if the claim is unsuccessful and the company had to pay for it, Ryanaircompensation would be charged so that the customer would not charge an additional financial costs. At the time of signing the authorization document and/or mandate, the customer undertakes to assume the costs of the claim, as well as the agreed costs, even if any compensation offered by the airline is accepted, with or without Ryanaircompensation and/or against his opinion. If the customer provides insufficient or incorrect information necessary to pay compensation, Ryanaircompensation is entitled to deduct the external costs imposed in addition to the agreed rate. If, after subsequent reminders and reasonable efforts by Ryanaircompensation to contact the customer, he or she is not responding or does not provide the information necessary to pay the agreed portion of the compensation, Ryanaircompensation shall have the right to reserve the portion of the compensation that would otherwise have been transferred to the customer. From the moment the airline or court has made payment of the compensation to the customer, Ryanaircompensation will no longer be responsible for:

  • Checks, prepaid debit cards, credit cards or the like.
  • No effect arising from the customer that provides incorrect bank information or address, including, but not limited to, compensation paid to an incorrect recipient. Therefore, if the compensation was paid to another recipient in error from the customer, Ryanaircompensation is not required to actively claim it.

No interest may be required during the period between the time the payment enters the company's coffers at the time it is paid to the customer's account. Ryanaircompensation reserves the right to hold interest recovered from the airline. No default invoice will be provided for the service provided and fees charged, but can be requested and sent by email. Ryanaircompensation shall not be liable for any compensation, damage or similar amount, if there is an impediment to transferring paymentto the customer due to an eventbeyond its control, including, but not limited to strike, closure, labor dispute, force majeure, warfare, disturbances, social disturbances, intentional damage, compliance with a government law or order, regulation, regulation or guidelines, accident, plant or machinery failure, fires, floods or storms.

5. Data protection

Ryanaircompensation will use the personal data provided by the customer only for the purpose of dealing with the complaint in accordance with EU law, in particular With Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in the field of the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and the related rules of application. The customer gives his explicit approval to Ryanaircompensation for the processing of the data provided and its use as part of the contractual relationship. Ryanaircompensation will only transfer personal data to third parties under the following conditions:

  • if it is for a purpose directly related to the original purpose for which the data was collected;
  • If necessary for the preparation, negotiation and execution of a contract with the client;
  • If necessary due to a legal, administrative or judicial obligation;
  • whether necessary for the verification or protection of a right in matters of judicial proceedings;

6. Customer information and data

The client must provide all the data and information necessary for the service to run successfully. The customer ensuresthat the data and information provided to him is correct, complete and truthful. You agree to maintain Ryanaircompensation in all respects for any third party complaint, for incorrect customer communication, data provision or fraudulent conduct.

In case of incorrect data and information or fraudulent behavior, Ryanaircompensation reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect. If the contract is terminated under this paragraph, the customer shall not be entitled to compensation. Written documents used for the complete handling of the claim (both outside the court and in court) are the property of Ryanaircompensation. Therefore, Ryanaircompensation reserves the right to deliver them to the customer. The customer will be kept informed of the status of their complaint whenever they request it.

7. Withdrawal policy

The customer has a period of 14 days to exercise his right of withdrawal without any cost. In order to exercise your right to withdraw consent, the customer must unequivocally declare that he wishes to cancel the claim. Communication should be addressed by e-mail to The Customer may not revoke the acceptance of the contract if the carrier has informed Ryanaircompensation of the acceptance of the claim, as in that case the requested service would have been completed.

8. Final provisions

Ryanaircompensation is authorized to modify these Terms and Conditions, fees and set additional terms at any time without notice. However, changes that have a negative effect on the client do not apply to the client unless they are accepted. Laws apply to these Terms and Conditions, the authorization document and the agreement between Ryanaircompensation and the customer. Any dispute will be resolved in court. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes void, illegal or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The full text of these Terms and Conditions and the authorization document have been written in several languages, in case of disagreement the official one is in french.